trapdoor-lover replied to your post:im applying for a scholarship and i have to talk…

my condolences, I’m doing my AP civics and gov work and trying hard to keep my disgust out of my objective outline and essays

just go for it friend. show everyone yr hatred. 

(there’s a question on the app that’s “What’s one thing you would change about the government?” and my rough draft response is literally just “BURN IT DOWN”)

im applying for a scholarship and i have to talk about how cool the government is. Nice. 

the fact that there are trans men who think that transmisandry is a thing blows my fucking mind

bought a stretching kit ?? we’ll see how this goes


Obviously not all trans men are arseholes and not all trans women are angels but power dynamics are power dynamics and it’s up to trans men and cafab queers to not abuse the power they have over trans women, and it’s up to everyone to not punish trans women for pointing at those abuses.

This ought not be a controversial statement? It seems like it wouldn’t be if I removed the word “trans” from that paragraph.


Cecil Ehn’s spring wizards’ collection features roses and ruffles, using traditionally feminine elements to emphasize the sensuality of men and magic.
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Dear trans men,

If you are going to try and compare what you experience to butch lesbians, don’t. You are neither a lesbian nor a woman.

Something about this post is really rubbing me the wrong way. Maybe it’s just out of context, or I’m…

Okay, I kinda see where you’re coming from. I just don’t see it being that black or white. We all have the same basic emotions and try to relate to each other where we can, I think that’s just (one of the more useful aspects to) human nature.. not an attack on the transgender and lesbian community.

It’s not really a black and white issue tbh, as it involves AFAB privilege, trans and lesbian erasure and transmisogyny. Again, trans women can be butch lesbians, and the experiences of trans men just can’t compare in any way to that of a lesbian trans woman (or any transfeminine AMAB person for that matter) and the very act of making the comparison erases their experiences as it relies on those listening to just ignore their existence. Also cis butch lesbians are often misgendered and compared to men as a deliberate insult towards their identities, while trans men… are men. “I’m a lesbian and experience discrimination based on how I choose to express my gender identity because of my orientation” is completely different from “I’m a man and people erase my existence by misgendering and assuming I’m a lesbian woman.” Both are acts of violence, but aren’t nearly on the same level.

Trans men experience a degree of male privilege that they tend to actively try to deny, sometimes to the point of misgendering themselves(and thus other transmasculine AFAB ppl) and again, throwing trans women under the bus (since the underlying message is “well, I cant have male privilege if I’m not REALLY a man….” and hopefully its obvious how /dangerous/ that is). Comparing themselves to lesbians(which is an orientation that strictly applies to women) is simply a matter of convenience for them, at the expense of several other parties.

Transphobia is horrible and damaging enough on it’s own without having to make it ‘relatable’ to other social issues. To do so homogenizes groups and erases individuals, especially those who belong to several minority groups. It’s nice to think “we all bleed red, we all face the same struggle” but that mindset only does damage in the long run.

sorry to ramble, its just… this really isn’t a black and white issue at all and there are a LOT of different factors involved.


1. men of color had manhood forcefully imposed upon them and in many cases did not have an idea of manhood beforehand but even if patriarchy did exist within their culture the white supremacist violence of eurocentric patriarchal norms is still forcefully imposing ideas of masculinity that they never consented to.

2. gender abolition has to be focused on the destruction of western civilization’s construction of patriarchy and the destruction of the main benefactor: white men.

3. gender abolitionism also means a strong desire to abolish whiteness and white supremacist violence.