Emery and I will be doing a google hangout tonight 8:30pm central time zone to promote his top surgery fundraiser! It’s going to be lots of fun and we will also be doing a general Q&A so be sure to join us

Join us!! I will take a shot of sriracha if we make it to 1,000 dollars by the end of the hangout.

Join us!!!

y’all should check these cuties out/give them yr money


me at the family event: well actually gender is just a social construct and only exists as a lubricant for the Capitalist Machine


If any of you vote for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman and find having a female president cool enough to ignore her horrendous navigation of foreign policy then consider yourself complicit, if not responsible, for all the damage her presidency will cost.


i want to be big gay & punk but right now im just small gay & indie rock


Black and Pink: Chicago is an open family of GLBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other.

um i have to write about last night because i am a #garbage baby

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Interview at Wellesley tomorrow save me